About Indeva

Indeva has established itself internationally as an innovative leader in providing consulting expertise and implementing enhanced integrated methodologies for adaptive strategy, commercial negotiation, acquisitions and dynamic decision management. These methodologies have been proven in practice to add significant long-term value growth to organizations while managing risk and uncertainty. 

Our work is primarily focused on the energy business and we have worked for most of major oil and gas companies and many of the independents, we are also retained by a number of governments and have advised the World Bank, and have often worked with Investments Banks in valuation work. We also work in other industries having similar risk profiles including the pharmaceutical and technology industries and have recently conducted a study of risks for a supplier in the cloud computing industry.

Problems facing businesses today are complex and highly interacting but traditional approaches to decision analysis are linear and treat problems as independent. At Indeva, we focus on implementing sustainable systems and approaches that embrace and address the true complexity businesses face today.

Our team comes from a variety of technical backgrounds and industry experience but we all share the same vision: an ecosystem of integrated, sustainable business models that enable organisations to dynamically adapt to meet challenges as they arise. This, we believe is the future of the enterprise.

Indeva's In5d modelbase technology, currently in the late stages of development,provides what we believe to be the foundation for managing the future directions of organisations