Strategic DesignTM is an Indeva proprietary process that will enable the next level of competitiveness for the industry by focussing on processes that exploit interactions across the group and manage flexibility for long term value growth


Strategic decisions must examine the future possibilities and options.  To achieve this we need to represent interactions between the parts of the business.  Integrated models, co-operatively created by domain experts, provide the intelligence to create current and future options, make balanced decisions and develop agile adaptive plans.  

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Agile Development Planning

One of the key drivers for founding Indeva in 1989 was the belief that a key lifecycle phase  that oil and gas companies could add value was in providing Integrated Development Analysis by incorporating knowledge from all disciplines and a full assessment of uncertainty, to provide developments that maximised economic value.

As we have helped oil companies and governments over the intervening years in planning and reviewing oil and gas field and infrastucture developments, our belief in the requirement for integration has been reinforced.  Over the years we have learnt many valuable lessons, but we believe the key learning is the value of providing future flexibility in designing the development plan.  By doing so, and by continually monitoring the internal and external environment, companies are able take advantage of opportunites as and when they occur and to avoid the worst effects of downside risks.  Building flexibility into their development enables companies to embrace uncertainty and to utilise it to create additional option value in their portfolio.

Further it is our experience that development planning should not be approached as an isolated phase in the life of an oil or gas field or complex, but should be approached as a smooth transition from reservoir appraisal through to the production phase.  Initial development planning should be pursued early in the discovery cycle in conjunction with reservoir appraisal.  In many cases building flexibility into development plans reduces the requirement for long appraisal cycles, since the development is able to adapt to new knowledge as it obtained.  Similarly the development plan should consider opportunities for future development of infrastructure and future opportunities.