Strategic DesignTM is an Indeva proprietary process that will enable the next level of competitiveness for the industry by focussing on processes that exploit interactions across the group and manage flexibility for long term value growth

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Balanced Strategy


As the energy industry becomes more competitive, the most successful companies have now minimised the inefficiences in their operational and portfolio management programs.  To achieve additional gains companies must build on these experiences and go beyond pure efficiency and strive for strategic effectiveness.

Achieving strategic effectiveness requires a step-change in the way companies manage their business, it will require companies to move away from a view of their organisation parts as silos to recognising the organisation as an ecosystem consisiting of a set of parts that interact both internally and with the outside world.  Effectiveness will be achieved by three crucial  value adding steps:

  • Integrating interpreted technical, financial and market knowledge from globally distributed experts, to develop a collective live model of  the future opportunities and threats of the business
  • Managing and optimizing synergy and resource useage across local infrastructure and the business as a whole
  • Following uncertainty through adaptive planning processes that enable the business to manage options and downside risk to maximise value growth

The balanced strategy approach to corporate management employed by Indeva, integrates operational and capital decisions and options with financial measures to provide a process for opimally managing short-term risks and long-term value growth for the business.