In5d TM is a revolutionary new product for the evaluation and management of enterprise decisions.  In an ever increasingly connected world, change and uncertainty abounds.  Enterprises that succeed will manage their global  organisation as a single entity and continually adapt to rapidly changing conditions.

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Flexible Execution Strategies


Once a decision has been taken on an alternative it is essential that the value loop be closed again by designing a flexible execution strategy which can then be modelled and tested in more detail as the option matures - spiralling back into the value loop.

The key to this process is designing adaptive policies with flexibility built in to give your organisation the best chance of meeting their objectives despite inherent uncertainty about future conditions.  Again, it is imperative to capture knowledge from the organisation in an integrated model and start the value loop all over again. 

Understanding and assessing uncertainty at the execution stage is essential to managing risk and ensuring a flexible plan that can cope with a rapidly changing internal and external environment.  Again, decision points associated with execution strategies need to be founded in the time domain and address the fact that the environment will continue to change as the project or activity progresses.

Indeva consultants have essential industry experience in risk management and project execution.  We employ systemic processes to identify and deal with project risk up front by leveraging the collective knowledge of the organisation to build strategies with enough inherent flexibility to manage risk effectively, rather than avoid it.  Our methods incorporate both qualitative and quantitative aspects of risk assessment and focus on interactions and the true complexity of the problem, rather than trying to over-simplify the issues and consider the issue independently of other activities.  We can help you change your perspective on the execution stages of your projects and close the value loop.