Indeva provides advice on all types of fiscal and commercial negotiations.  Our approach is that negotiations shape the future of the respective parties' positions, and that negotiation is effectively a risk balancing between the parties.  We advise governments on optimising strategic development of their resources and maximising the resulting benefits.

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Fiscal & Commercial Negotiation


All of our strategy & decision analysis processes stress the importance of a balance between qualitative capture of tacit knowledge and quantitative modelling to achieve long term value growth. 

We are very strong technically in the area of modelling and our fiscal and commercial modelling capabilities can help companies establish strong negotiating positions by:

  • Enabling decision-makers to optimise project development by performing technical reviews resulting in recommendations for contracting strategy and project management systems.
  • Quantifying expected returns on an asset, or group of assets, by modelling each asset in detail to perform rigorous technical and commercial valuations.
  • Enabling decision-makers to model the economics of integrated projects (e.g. IPP, LNG, and refining) from reservoir through to delivery point.
  • Quantifing potential project risks and rewards by performing deterministic and probabilistic risk analysis and post-tax project economics. 
  • Preparing companies for gas and tariff negotiations by providing a technical review of third-party pipeline tariff and gas transportation contracts. 

Please refer to our case study on Fiscal & Commercial Negotiation for more details of our experience in this area.