In5d TM is a revolutionary new product for the evaluation and management of enterprise decisions.  In an ever increasingly connected world, change and uncertainty abounds.  Enterprises that succeed will manage their global  organisation as a single entity and continually adapt to rapidly changing conditions.

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In5d  Enterprise Decision Management

In5d is a revolutionary new software product that allows workgroups and the enterprise to collectively develop a dynamic live model that captures all the interactions and complexities of their business. Models built in in5d incorporate not only the underlying physical and / or financial system but also integrate models of learning, uncertainty and future decisions and their dynamic interaction with the underlying system.

The system is a truly multi-user product where different users from multiple disciplines provide new knowledge in their area of expertise and link these to create as collective mental map. Having created the model the team may then simulate future evolutions of the business under different decisions policies and determine the one than that best meets their objectives. In5d is designed to be fully scaleable from workgroups through to the enterprise, and can be implemented in a modular approach where workgroup systems can be connected to form larger regional models and these expanded to form a total enterprise model.

In5d is based on the modelbase technology that Indeva have been developing at our Oxford based R&D facility for the past 5 years. The modelbase technology combines the computational ease of a spreadsheet with the planning power of a project management package, together with dynamic simulation technology and the multi-user and reporting capabilities of a database to deliver a true revolution in enterprise modelling software.

Unlike most decision systems which are used for one particular decision problems and then discarded, the modelbase is designed to evolve as the organisation and future organisational designs change. To facilitate common understanding and communication between models the modelbase incorporates a full semantic description language that can be adapted to different environments. In its implementation in In5d this is used to describe the enterprise organisational and project and management structures, their interaction and their relationship to the variables in the model.

Indeva are currently offering workgroup system based on the In5D platform to our clients and working closely with them during implementation to feedback learning into the ongoing development In5D Enterprise Systems.



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