Strategic DesignTM is an Indeva proprietary process that will enable the next level of competitiveness for the industry by focussing on processes that exploit interactions across the group and manage flexibility for long term value growth


Strategic decisions must examine the future possibilities and options.  To achieve this we need to represent interactions between the parts of the business.  Integrated models, co-operatively created by domain experts, provide the intelligence to create current and future options, make balanced decisions and develop agile adaptive plans.  

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Complex Infrastructure Decisions


Many of the world's oil and gas basins have reached maturity.  Under current market conditions they have significant potential for further exploitation through exploration and development of previously marginal prospects and discoveries surrounding existing infrastructure.  Further, high prices open up opportunites for enhanced recovery techniques on mature fields.

Existing infrastructure often consist of a network of highly interacting fields connected by pipelines and other services with competing commercial interests.  Those companies that gain a significant share or control of the infrastructure have an opportunity to manage the infrastructure to exploit synergies and resource efficiencies.  This may require purchasing shares in fields while relinquishing shares in others.

Optimal exploitation cannot simply consider the infrastructure in isolation.  To maximise the potential of this infrastructure, companies must marry interacting technical and commercial opportunities across the infrastructure.  These opportunities form a dynamic portfolio of options that they must continually realign and balance under rapidly changing physical, financial and resource constraints.  Further, they must balance these long-term opportunities  with operational considerations and must manage their supply chain, and for optimal  financial exploitation they must tune their production to volatile market situations.

Optimising Infrastructure Performance - in5d integrated business and decision model


Infrastructure decisions are some to the most complex imaginable, requiring the balancing of requirements across many dimensions under conditions of continuous change.  Managing such complex situations require the establishment of a virtual infrastructure model where  new strategies and decisions can be rapidly and continuously evaluated as new information is received.   As a result of our work assisiting oil companies evaluate and model infrastructure problems Indeva realised that the required computing architecture to achieve a virtual infrastructure model did  not exist.  For the past five years we have been developing such an architecture, in5d, the architecture is now being applied in conjunction with selected clients to solve their complex infrastructure problems.

int bus model.JPG

The diagram above illustrates the application of in5d to a typical complex oil and gas infrastructure, more detail on the application can be provided on request, but note some particular aspects of the system:

  • The ability of the system to manage not only live data feeds but also the updating and maintenance of interpretative knowledge from domain experts from different fields incorporating their assessment of uncertainty
  • The ability to model the entirety of a complex infrastructure and to maintain a live model where events and decisions in one part of the infrastructure are immediatley reflected in another part of the infrastructure
  • The ability to maintain and dynamically link technical and commercial sub-models to obtain a live model of the total system
  • The ability to directly integrate current and future decisions and options directly with the model
  • The ability to work across decision cycles and deal with the resulting scaling issues resulting in the ability to co-optimise operations, tactics and strategy

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