Strategic decisions must examine the future possibilities and options.  To achieve this we need to represent interactions between the parts of the business.  Integrated models, co-operatively created by domain experts, provide the intelligence to create current and future options, make balanced decisions and develop agile adaptive plans.  

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Intelligent Models for Managing your Business

Realistic, representative and balanced business models are essential tools for today's executives to make effective policy decisions.  Indeva has a long history of applying industry specific expertise with strong analytical methods and software solutions to provide clients with optimised planning processes and short and long term business planning models for worldwide operations.

Our approach to modelling stresses the importance of dynamic models that incorporate uncertainty rather than trying to predict the future.  This allows us to map the future of the business to provide a model which can inform decisions and policy strategy to create long term value growth and ensure our clients have a sustainable business model for the future.   The focus of our approach to business modelling is the importance of creating and maintaining a flexible business plan that can adapt to changing environments and circumstances rather than committing to a fixed planning cycle that doesn't recognize the dynamic nature of your business.

Our modelling processes also stress importance sampling as a precursor to expert knowledge capture.  We firmly believe in creating models that incorporate the appropriate level of detail for a particular problem and will not waste time modelling interactions or variables that are not important to the current objectives.  We facilitate expert interaction with the modelling process and incorporate internal and external expertise as required to ensure our models accurately reflect the complexity of the situation and are balance to reflect relative importance of different variables.