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Indeva launches new Negotiation Model

Indeva today announced the launch of its new  Negotiation Model series.  

The first model in the series, the Strategy negotiation model has been proven for clients in high stakes negotiations to enable a party to investigate multiple alternative positions from its own perspective and from the perspective of the other party(s) to the negotiation.  

The model works on the assumption that while the parameters to a negotiation are fixed once agreed, the future outcomes are uncertain.  In an uncertain environment, each party will have different risk perspectives and preferences, it is the knowledge of these preferences that enables a set of negotiation parameters that adds value from both partys' perspective, and maximises benefits from the modeling party's perspective.

The model guides a negotiation process where the model is first used to determine the "Efficient Negotiation Frontier", and alternative opening positions can be examined in order to guide the process to a desired position.