In5d TM is a revolutionary new product for the evaluation and management of enterprise decisions.  In an ever increasingly connected world, change and uncertainty abounds.  Enterprises that succeed will manage their global  organisation as a single entity and continually adapt to rapidly changing conditions.

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Effective Processes for Strategic Decisions


Making better decisions - decisions that create real value for your organisation - requires a process based on leveraging the knowledge base within the organisation through integrated business modelling, cointeractive learning and effective knowledge capture.  To then feed this through to better decisions requires you to recognise the context of the decisions to be made, the important interactions and variables and how all this relates to the objectives of the organisation.

Organisations often fall into the trap of modelling decisions as though all future decisions will be made in the present.  To properly model decisions, they need to be considered in the time domain and decision makers need to recognise where decisions can be made today and where it is appropriate to define policies that define the rules by which future decisions are made. 

Decision makers also need to be able to separate control variables from the model to effectively optimise policies.  They need to have access to a complete set of information to inform their decisions and they need to be able to effectively judge performance against objectives.  They need to be able to align their management teams below them by making transparent, collective, value-based decisions on the available alternatives rather than looking for information to support their gut feel. 

Indeva consultants help executives get consensus using techniques which focus on asking the right questions and building the right answers on a firm foundation of models that engage the experts and effectively capture knowledge.  We can then guide you through what we like to call the "map room" process - collectively selecting the optimal strategic policy to meet your decision objectives.