Strategic DesignTM is an Indeva proprietary process that will enable the next level of competitiveness for the industry by focussing on processes that exploit interactions across the group and manage flexibility for long term value growth

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Valuation and Risk Management


Indeva has a core competence in valuation and our processes and industry expertise enable our consultants to rigorously analyse potential acquisitions, assessing the impact of variables on post-tax returns and identifying complex interactions between internal and external factors. We can help organisations of all sizes and in a variety of sectors understand what drives business and portfolio value and risk in their environment so they can effectively evaluate the short and long term potential of new investment opportunities.

Our consultants are often brought in to facilitate and lead a team of technical experts to quickly identify and focus in on important variables that have a large impact on the value of an opportunity.  We can then lead the team to effectively analyse the opportunity with the correct focus which enables our clients to make informed purchase decisions for corporate acquisitions.  We focus on providing a quantified asset value as well as evaluating how that value interact's with the company's existing portfolio.

Indeva is recognised as an expert in applying portfolio optimisation technques to determine the investment program that will give the maximum expected value for a given level of risk.  This approach enables comparison of alternative affiliate or project strategies on a fully risked basis, it addresses the central issues of capital and human resource allocation and assesses the impact of short term cash flow constraints on longer term value growth. 

We work with our clients to determine their individual risk/reward criteria and then apply quantitative analytical techniques to evaluate their portfolio and investment options against that criteria to identify the best strategy in the current environment and how to continously adjust strategy as the environment and opportunities change.

Please refer to our case study on Valuation & Risk Management for further information on our experience in this area.